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May 23 2017

AVR-GCC 7.1.0 for Windows 32 and 64 bit

Here is where I’ll be uploading builds of AVR-GCC for Windows 32 and 64 bit, which will also include Binutils, AVR-LibC, AVRDUDE and Make. I’ll be trying to keep the builds up to date with the latest tool releases when I can.

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Mar 21 2016

Modifying RAM SPD Data

Recently I brought some low-power Mini-ITX motherboards; a Gigabyte GA-N3050N-D3H and a Biostar N3050NH. These boards take SO-DIMM DDR3 RAM, the sort found in laptops.

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Aug 13 2015

MCP2221 HID Library

This is a library for interfacing with the HID features of the MCP2221 USB to UART and I2C/SMBus serial converter from Microchip. The converter includes 4 GPIO pins, 3x 10-bit ADCs, 1x 5-bit DAC and more. Microchip does provide a library for interfacing with the chip, however it is supplied as proprietary DLLs. This project …

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Mar 22 2014

N|Watch – DIY Wristwatch Kit

Orders now closed!

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Sep 25 2013

DIY Digital Wristwatch

Introduction The main incentive behind this project was to see how much I could cram, in terms of both hardware and software, into a wristwatch-like device that is no larger than the display itself. An OLED display was chosen for being only 1.5mm thick and not requiring a backlight (each pixel produces its own light), …

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Aug 25 2013

AVR USB RGB LED Controller

While working on an update for my CPU Usage LEDs project I thought why not just make it into a universal RGB LED controller? The CPU Usage LEDs controller took a value between 0 and 255, worked out what colour it should be and then fade to that colour. This was very limiting; changing what …

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Aug 17 2013

Bluetooth Net Monitor v2

This post only goes over the new stuff in the network monitor, I’d recommend having a look at the original post first. New PCB design The new PCB is now an almost single board design, just a separate board for the USB connector. The old monitor had a small main board which connected to the …

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May 23 2013

A Lithium Battery Charger with Load Sharing

You may have found that charging your project’s lithium battery while at the same time trying to use your circuit didn’t quite workout, with problems like the circuit not turning on and the battery never finish charging. Even an LED can cause the battery to never finish charging. This article goes through creating a battery …

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Apr 16 2013

IC samples

Everyone likes free stuff. I thought I’d share my recent success of getting a few free chip samples:

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Feb 17 2013


AVRDUDESS is a GUI for AVRDUDE, a tool for programming Atmel microcontrollers.

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