Feb 17 2013


AVRDUDESS is a GUI for AVRDUDE, a tool for programming Atmel microcontrollers.

Some key features:

  • Supports all programmers and MCUs that AVRDUDE supports
  • Supports presets, allowing you to change between devices and configurations quickly and easily
  • Drag and drop files for easy uploading
  • Automatically lists available COM ports
  • Cross-platform with the use of Mono for Linux & Mac OS X

setup-AVRDUDESS-2.4.exe (914.73 kB)
AVRDUDESS (Windows installer)
Downloaded 70725 times
MD5: CF83912B3368D65FA9FCA80C7EC2CE5D

avrdudess_20140805.zip (509.63 kB)
AVRDUDESS (Binaries, any OS)
Downloaded 10943 times
MD5: D410555B5E82655533E885BFD2D25111

Source available on GitHub

Requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or newer.
Latest .NET can be found here.

AVRDUDE requires LibUSB
LibUSB should really be installed the normal way as a driver for a LibUSB device, but if you don’t have any such devices then you will need to download this.
Extract libusb-win32-bin- to where you have avrdude.exe placed and rename libusb_x86.dll to libusb0.dll

Linux & Mac OS X
Can be ran using Mono
Has not been tested on OS X, but should work.

Installing on Ubuntu 13.10
Install Mono (this is the minimum required, you can do mono-complete for a full install)
sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil

sudo apt-get install avrdude

Run AVRDUDESS with mono, you might have to run as root (sudo) so avrdude runs as root if you havn’t changed any rules.d stuff
mono avrdudess.exe



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  1. mib383

    Very thx for this tool. It is very helpfull. But there is one wish: preset saving! I saw it in todo list… May be not a preset manager, but just saving presets from time to time (Setting class on C# may be very helpfull).

    1. Zak Kemble

      Hey mib, you can already save a new preset by putting a new name in the drop down box and clicking save. Or did you mean exporting/backing up all the existing presets? In that case the presets are saved in %APPDATA%/AVRDUDESS/presets.xml.

  2. Alessandro Cortopassi

    Unfortunately I have installed AVRDUDESS 2.4 (AVRDUDE 5.10) on a PC with Windows 8.1, but the software doesn’t communicate with the micro (FT232R synchronous bit-bang ; port =ft0).
    The message in the bottom window is :
    “ft245r : bitclk 230400 – ft baud 115200
    ft245r : bitclk 230400 – ft baud 115200
    avrdude.exe : ft245r_program_eneble_failed, rc=-1
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.

    avrdude.exe done. Thank you.”
    The installation of the software done in identical way on a PC with Windows XP Sp3 works very well……
    Do you have some solution to the problem?


    1. Zak Kemble

      Hey Alessandro, that’s the avrdude program outputting that message, not my GUI software (AVRDUDESS). I can’t help you with it, other than maybe try running AVRDUDESS as admin?

  3. Thanh

    Hi Zak, I moved from Windows to Ubuntu and this is the best gui for avrdude I can say. Thanks a ton, and best wishes.

  4. Jon Raymond

    I just picked one of these new programmers. Some neat features.


    Any chance the feature control for the programmer could be integrated into Avrdudess?

    1. Zak Kemble

      Hey Jon, no, AVRDUDESS is only meant to be a GUI for AVRDUDE and maybe some closely related things. Having special features that only apply to specific programmers isn’t something that I want to add, especially since it needs to interface with another CLI program. You could ask the guys who deal with AVRDUDE to add support for the extra features, ISP Frequency would be the main one I guess, then you’ll be able to set it via AVRDUDESS.

  5. Osama

    Why is it detected as a malware (by Avast) ?

    1. Zak Kemble

      Hey Osama, it’s a false positive. Try the zip download instead of the installer. A lot of antivirus programs don’t seem to like it for some reason.

  6. Akshata Lanjekar

    Hey. I’ve been trying to burn a program on a microcontroller but AVRDude GUI responds “trying to connect to the device.. ‘avrdude’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”. I’ve tried plugging it in different usb ports on my laptop but the same thing keeps on happening. What do I do?

    1. Zak Kemble

      Sounds like it can’t find avrdude.exe, though the error message is different than usual. Try setting the location of avrdude manually by going into the options (Options button just above the console output). If you’re on Windows it will be where you installed AVRDUDESS, if you’re on Linux you can run ‘whereis avrdude’ to find the location.

  7. dddra

    it’s connected but it won’t detec any devices

    could not find USB device with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc vendor=’www.fischl.de’

    1. Zak Kemble

      Have you installed the libusb driver for the USBasp?

  8. Rui

    Hi, I could only get this program running (I’m on a XP) installing .NET 2 (I had .NET 4) and I had to rename the dll not to libusb.dll but to libusb0.dll

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